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Monday, October 10, 2016
09:00   Openning of the Summer School
Prof. Huijun Wang
Funding Director of Nansen-Zhu International Research Centre
Co-chairman of Nansen-Zhu Advisory Board

Prof. Yongqi Gao
Research Director of Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center
Co-director of Nansen-Zhu

Prof. Qingxiang Wan
Vice President of China University of Geosciences

09:30   Photo
Chair: Prof. Jianqi Sun (Director of Nansen-Zhu)
09:45   The impact of climate change on haze pollution in China
             Prof. Huijun Wang (Nansen-Zhu/IAP/CAS; NUIST)
10:30   Arctic climate variability and change
            Prof. Stein Sandevn, Yongqi Gao  (NERSC)
11:15   Coffee and Tea Break

Chair: Prof. Yongqi Gao (NERSC/Nansen-Zhu/UoB)
11:30   Presentations from young scientists and students

11:30    The impact of climate change on haze pollution in China
       Zhicong Yin (NUIST)
11:45    Arctic change and extreme weather: understand the weather extremes from a climate perspective
       Dr Linling Chen (NERSC)
12:00    Tropical Pacific climate response to an abrupt loss of Arctic sea ice
       Kun Wang (PKU)
12:15    Solar influences on spatial patterns of Eurasian winter temperature and atmospheric general circulation anomalies
       Hezhai Ma (NUIST)
12:30   Lunch
Chair: Prof. Benkui Tan (PKU)
13:30   Inter-decadal changes in the East Asian summer monsoon
            Prof. Zhiping Wen (SYSU)
14:15   Linkage of the Southern Hemispheric circulation pattern with the Northern Hemispheric climate
            Prof. Jianqi Sun (Nansen-Zhu/IAP/CAS)
15:00   Coffee and Tea Break
Chair: Prof. Yali Zhu (NZC/IAP/CAS)
15:20  Presentations by young scientists and students

15:20    Moisture sources for the East Asian monsoon
      Astrid Fremme (NERSC)
15:35    Relationship between the onset day of Meiyu and the South Asian anticyclone in April and the related mechanism
      Hua Li (IAP)
15:50    Has the predictability of the South China sea summer monsoon improved since the late 1970s?
      Yi Fan (IAP)
16:05    The characteristics of the temperature changing on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and its connections with the East Asian monsoon
      Jianan Wang (CUIT)
Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Chair: Prof. Nils Gunnar Kvamstø  (UoB)
09:00   Last glacial maximum and mid-Holocene East Asian and global monsoon
            Prof. Dabang Jiang (Nansen-Zhu/IAP/CAS)
09:45   Change of the extreme events in mainland China under the context of global warming
Prof. Guoyu Ren (CUG)
10:30   Coffee and Tea Break
Chair: Prof. Dabang Jiang (Nansen-Zhu)
10:50   Mechanisms and climate influence of the teleconnection patterns over wintertime North Pacific
Prof. Benkui Tan (PKU)

11:35   Presentations by young scientists and students

11:35    The warmest year 2015 in the instrumental record and its comparison with year 1998
      Chao Zhang (CUG)
11:50    Possible linkage between spring extreme precipitation over East China and surface sensible heat flux over the Eurasian continent
      Disang Shen (NUIST)
12:05    Anthropogenic contribution to the increased extreme precipitation events over China
      Huixin Li (IAP)
12:30   Lunch
Chair: Prof. Xiuqun Yang (NJU)
13:30   Arctic Oscillation and Indian Ocean Climate
            Prof. Daoyi Gong
            Beijing Normal University
            Beijing, China
14:15   North Atlantic Storm-Track Sensitivity to Projected Sea Surface Temperature: Local versus Remote Influences
            Prof. Nils Gunnar Kvamstø (UoB)
15:00   Coffee and Tea Break
Chair:  Dr Francois Counillon (NERSC; UoB)
15:20   Presentations by young scientists and students

15:20    The strengthened interannual relationship between the late-spring SST in the Indian Ocean and the early-summer precipitation in Northeast China
      Tingting Han (IAP)
15:35    Combined effect of ENSO-like and Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation on the interannual variability of the East Asian winter monsoon
      Xin Hao (IAP)
15:50    Distinct patterns of tropical Pacific SST anomaly and their impacts on North American climate
      Yuanyuan Guo (SYSU)
16:05    The connection of East Atlantic blocking anticyclones with the intra-seasonal precipitation variability in northern Pakistan in winter
      Aeysha (IAP)
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Day of social activities
Thursday, October 13, 2016
Chair: Prof. Zhiping Wen (SYSU)
09:00   The role of external forcings for decadal climate variability and atmospheric teleconnection patterns
            Dr Odd Helge Otterå (UniResearch)
09:45   Tropical and extra-tropical teleconnection
           Prof. Haijun Yang (PKU)
10:30   Coffee and Tea Break
Chair: Dr Odd Helge Otterå (UniResearch)
10:50   AMO and its climate effect
            Prof. Shuanglin Li (CUG; Nansen-Zhu/IAP/CAS)
11:35   Presentations by young scientists and students
 11:35    Response of the East Asian winter monsoon to strong tropical volcanic eruptions
      Jiapeng Miao (IAP)
11:50    Response of winter moisture circulation to the India-Burma Trough and its modulation by the South Asian waveguide
      Xiuzhen Li (SYSU)
12:05    Influence of northern hemispheric snow cover on the subseasonal precipitation anomaly over northern China during winter 2013/14
      Jingyi Li (NUIST)
12:30   Lunch
Chair: Dr Linling Chen (NERSC)
13:30   Link the Arctic and Eurasian climate
            Prof. Yongqi Gao (NERSC; Nansen-Zhu/IAP/CAS; UoB)
 14:15  Pacific Decadal Oscillation and its climate impact
            Prof. Yali Zhu (Nansen-Zhu/IAP/CAS)
15:00   Coffee and Tea Break
Chair: Prof. Noel Keenlyside (UoB; NERSC)
15:20   Presentations by young scientists and students

15:20    Simulation of tropical cyclone activity over the western North Pacific based on CMIP5 models
      Haibo Shen (NUIST)
15:35    Stronger warming over Chinese sparse vegetation area in summer since 1981
      Qinghan Huang (NUIST)
15:50    Untangling contributions of climate change to reference evapotranspiration over China during 1960-2012
      Rongfan Chai (NUIST)
16:05    Enhanced impacts of November/December North Atlantic Oscillation on the following January European precipitation
      Yang Liu (IAP)
Friday, October 14, 2016
Chair: Prof. Ke Fan (Nansen-Zhu/IAP/CAS)
09:00   Probabilistic versus deterministic predictability of East Asian summer monsoon variability
Prof. Xiuqun Yang (NJU)
09:45   Seasonal to decadal climate predictability and prediction
            Prof. Noel Keenlyside (UoB; NERSC)
10:30   Coffee and Tea Break
Chair: Prof. Zhongshi Zhang (CUG)
10:50   Advances in climate prediction in China
            Prof. Ke Fan (Nansen-Zhu/IAP/CAS)
11:35   Presentations by young scientists and students

11:35    Formation mechanisms of the convectively driven and non-convectively driven Pacific/North American pattern
      Ying Dai (PKU)
11:50    Influence of spring West Asia surface temperature on early summer Northeast China cold vortex's decadal changes
      Di Wang (NUIST))
12:05    Intra-seasonal reverse of East Asian surface temperature anomaly in the winter of 2014/2015
      Xinping Xu (NUIST)
12:20    Intraseasonal variation of summer rainfall over South China
      Zhiqi Xu (NUIST)
12:30   Lunch
 Chair: Prof. Haijun Yang (PKU)
13:30   Norwegian Climate Prediction Model (NorCPM) in application of climate prediction
            Dr Francois Counillon (NERSC; UoB)
14:15   Presentations by young scientists and students

14:15    Changes in precipitable water vapor over the Tibetan Plateau and possible mechanisms
       Lu Huang (CUIT)
14:30    Soil moisture characteristics and climate response of different climatic region in China
       Xu Ding (CUIT)
14:45    Analysis of the temperature gradient over Tibetan Plateau
       Yixuan Cheng (CUIT)

15:00   Coffee and Tea Break
Chair: Prof. Yongqi Gao (NERSC/Nansen-Zhu/UoB)
15:20   Brief summary of the Summer School
15:30   Discussion
16:00   Closing the Summer School

18:00   Dinner