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Six parters are as follows:   
   1. Institute of Atmospheric Physics , Chinese Academy of Sciences (IAP/CAS)
   2. The Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center(NERSC),Bergen Norway
   3. The University of Bergen(UoB),Bergen, Norway 
Uni Research, Bergen, Norway
   5. Peking University (PKU) , Beijing, China
   6. Nanjing University,   Nanjing,  China.

How we should involve new partners?
   General view is to expand NZC gradually.
   1. New partner(s) should have clear benefit for Nansen-Zhu Centre in its scientific strategy
   2. New partner(s) should collaborate with both Nansen-Zhu and partners in Bergen
   3. New partner(s) should be able to share their data and modeling output
   4. New partner(s) should have mutual benefits for scientists in both Nansen-Zhu and partners in Bergen