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Name Position Research Area
Wang, Huijun Professor Paleoclimate Simulation, Climate variations of East Asian monsoon and its predictability
Sun, Jianqi Professor Atmospheric teleconnection and its impact; East Asian climate variability and change; Extreme climate and weather
Gao, Yongqi Professor Climate Teleconnection between the Arctic and lower latitudes; Ocean Tracer simulation; Atlantic Meridional Circulation
Fan, Ke Professor dust, monsoon, typhoon, climate prediction
Wang, Aihui Professor Land-atmosphere interaction, land surface hydrology
Ola M. Johannessen Professor
Zhu, Yali Associate Professor climate diagnosis (Antarctic Oscillation, East Asian summer monsoon, Australian summer monsoon)
Tao Wang Associate Professor East Asian monsoon, decadal climate change and attribution, Climate Dynamics,
Chen,Huopo Associate Professor
Yu,Entao Associate Professor Regional climate modeling and prediction
Wang,Jun Assistant Professor Climatology Dynamics, Meteorology
Guo Donglin Associate professor Frozen ground simulation and climate change
Yan Qing Assistant Professor
Luo Feifei Assistant Professor
Gao Ya Assistant Professor climate change,climate prediction
Li Fei Assistant Professor
tianbaoqiang Assistant Professor extreme climate,climate prediction
Name Position Research Area
Eystein Jansen Professor Palaeoclimatology
Tore Furevik Professor Physical oceanography
Gao, Hui Professor
Helge Drange Professor Global climate system, Climate variability and climate change, Ocean-sea ice modelling, Marine cycling of carbon
Ingo Bethke Professor
Mats Bentsen Associate Professor
Ju, Lixia Associate Professor Regional Climate Modelling, Paleoclimate Simulation
Odd Helge Otterå Associate Professor
Zhou, Botao Professor Atmospheric teleconnection and its impact, Climate variability and climate change, Paleoclimate simulation
Su, Jingzhi Associate Professor
Han, Jinping Associate Professor
Zhang, Ying Assistant Professor Climate Change
Liu Ying Assistant Professor
Liu Shan Assistant Professor
Ma Jiehua Assistant Professor
He Shengping Assistant Professor
Zhiping Tian Assistant Professor
Xu Zhiqing Assistant Professor
Name Position Research Area
Shi Ning Postdoctor
Name Position Research Area