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1.Climate Variability and Interactions (Past, Present and Future)
Yongqi Gao (NERSC/NZC/BCCR), Jianqi Sun (NZC)
Overall Goal : Enhanced understanding on regional climate variability and interaction/tele-connection between polar and lower latitude regions and between Atlantic and Indo-Pacific Ocean with combination of proxy data, historical records, instrumental data and theory and climate models.
 (1). Understanding the origins and impacts of key climate modes
 (2). Natural climate variability versus Anthropogenic climate change
 (3). Understand temporal and spatial changes in climate teleconnection

2.Climate Predictability and Prediction
Noel Keenlyside (UoB/BCCR), Ke Fan (NZC)
Goal : Enhance climate prediction through dynamical and statistical approaches focusing on Eurasian climate and extremes.
 (1). We will consider timescales from intra-seasonal to decadal.
 (2). As mechanism to improve prediction we will consider impacts of sea ice, snow cover, sea surface temperature and soil moisture.
 (3). Representation of ocean (SOM, mixed-layer, and OGCM), and atmosphere (resolution) on prediction of monsoons.
 (4). Statistical approaches to enhance dynamical predictions will be investigated
3. Regional Climate and Extremes (Dynamic and statistical downscaling)
Odd Helge Otter. (UniRe/BCCR), Dabang Jiang (NZC)
Overall Goal : Understanding changes and variability in regional climate and extremes for past, present and future
 (1). Analysis of CORDEX simulations over Asia for present and future
 (2). Combine dynamical downscaling with paleo proxy-data to explore climate changes in the past
 (3). Explore and understand the mechanism driving the regional climate and extremes