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APEC Climate Center YOUNG SCIENTIST SUPPORT PROGRAM 2014 Print The APEC Climate Center (APCC), located in Busan, South Korea, aims at realizing the APEC vision of regional prosperity by providing climate information services and technical support for improved resource management and reduction of economic losses due to adverse climatic conditions. APCC produces real-time operational climate prediction information based on a well-validated Multi-Model Ensemble system with contributions from over 17 institutes in the APEC region and beyond. APCC also contributes to enhancing capacity-building in the prediction and monitoring of weather and climate in the Asia-Pacific region by making available high-cost climate data and information. Countries without the capacity to produce climate predictions are able to access optimized, high-cost global climate predictions produced by APCC. Please visit the APCC website for further information about APCC at APCC is seeking qualified young scientists from National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) in developing countries in the APEC economies to apply for positions as short-term visiting scientists. Scientists from the following APEC economies are eligible to apply: Chile, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Peru, Russia, Thailand, and Vietnam. APCC will give the selected scientists the opportunity to conduct research at APCC using our data and equipment and receiving support from APCC scientists and staff. The young scientists are expected to conduct research on the themes specified below and to facilitate exchange between their home institution and APCC. APCC is accepting proposals on the following themes: • Climate prediction and monitoring at intraseasonal time scales • Climate change and impact assessments • Climate informatics and applications to relevant sectors (e.g. hydrology, agriculture, emergency preparedness, etc.) The Climate Research Department at APCC consists of three teams: the Climate Analysis Team, the Climate Prediction Team, and the Climate Change Research Team. When you writing your research proposal, please specify which team you are applying to and what kinds of APCC data you are going to use for your planned research. Location: APEC Climate Center, Busan, Korea Period of Appointment: Up to three months, starting in February and ending in September 2014. The exact period can be determined after the successful candidates have been selected. Financial Support: Round-trip airfare and salary (net salary is KRW 2,000,000 per month. Rent for scientists’ accommodation and expenses should be taken from the salary. Tax, which typically amounts to 22% of the total salary, will be deducted according to the tax treaty between Republic of Korea and your country. For more information, please refer to the tax regulations of your country) Qualifications/Eligibility  - Age: Under 40 years old  - Degree: Master’s or Doctorate degree in Atmospheric Science, Meteorology, Statistics, Earth Sciences, or other related      majors  - Language: Good oral and written communication skills in English  - Country: Chile, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Peru, Russia, Thailand, and Vietnam  - Eligibility: Officers from government agencies Duties and Responsibilities  - To conduct a research project (which has been approved by APCC) as a full-time staff member  - To submit a final report before completing your research at APCC Due Date: 25 December 2013  - Successful candidates will be given notice by 13 January 2014. CONTACT Ms. Sooyang Joo Address: APEC Climate Center, 12, Centum 7-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, 612-020 Republic of Korea E-mail: Website: Tel: +82 51 745 3925 Tel: +82 51 745 3949