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The topic of NZC summer school 2008 of NZC is “Climate Teleconnection between Low and High Latitudes”. Deeper understanding of the main variability modes of the climate system is needed to assess confidence in the detection, attribution and prediction of global and regional climate variability and climate change. It is well documented that the past and the present climate system exhibit variability modes on a variety of spatial and temporal scales.

The theme of NZC summer school 2012 is on “Monsoon Variability and Climate Teleconnection”. Much of the earth’s population lives in regions with climate dominated by monsoons such as India. Here seasonally reversing circulations characterized by alternating wet and dry seasons has large impact on the availability of water resources and hydrological system. The basic economic livelihood of those regions influenced by monsoons often depends on the amount of available rainfall during the wet-season.

The theme of NZC summer school 2016 is on “Climate Teleconnections and Predictions”. Global surface temperature increased by around 1 ° C since early 20th century, largely because of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. Superposed on this warming trend were pronounced decadal to inter-decadal fluctuations. Similarly, decadal to multi-decadal variations in monsoon systems and Artcic climate have been also recorded. These interdecadal shifts have great influences on the East Asian weather and climate. In recent decades, the surface Arctic warmed much faster than other latitudes, with a warming magnitude of approximately twice as large as the Northern Hemisphere average. Arctic surface warming has been linked to local radiative process, heat and moisture transports from lower latitudes.

“International Symposium for Nansen-Zhu 15-Year Collaboration: Arctic-East Asia climate research-Observations, Modeling, Teleconnections and Predictions” was held in Bejing, 2018. NZC delivers research results to the National Climate Center for improving the climate prediction in China. NZC research results are also used by decision makers.

The summer school of Nansen-Zhu International Research Centre (NZC) is a biennial event taking place alternatively in China and Europe. The summer school 2020 of NZC was not held due to COVID-19 limitation.

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